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MMA regulation
  1: Competition duration
Amateurs  3 x 3 min.
Professionals 3 x 5 min..
Titlematch 3 x 5 min
  2: Forbidden actions
  - Kick/knee techniques aimed at the head when the opponent is not in an upright position
     (When he/she has contact with the floor with other body parts besides the soles off the feet.)
- Knee techniques to the head during ground fight.
- Attacks aimed to the eyes, nose, ears, fingers, toes or adam’s apple (by stabbing or hooking with fingers).
- Head but
- Elbow techniques
-  Attacks aimed at the crotch.
-  Using ring ropes ( foot, legs, arm or hand)
-  Intentionally crawling underneath the ring ropes to void the fight.
-  Intentionally throwing the opponent out off the ring.
-  Intentionally voiding the fight.
-  Unsporting behaviour like: biting, spitting, scratching, and bending fingers or fingers in the eyes.
-  Holding on to gloves or any other protective gear.
-  Lubricating the body with grease/ oil, or any other substance that can be an influence to the fight.
-  Rude or unsporting behaviour of coaches or companions.
-  Not following commands of the ring referee.
When a contestant commits one off the above forbidden actions, he/she can get an official warning by means of a yellow card,   
  3: times an official warning = disqualification
  On a rude forbidden action a red card is given.
When the contestants come under the ring rope accidentally,or there is no more action during the ground-fight (deadlocked) ,the fight will be stopped and will continue  in the standig position in the middle off the ring.
Point system
All correct and effective techniques with impact are counted as a score. After every round the scores are converted in a 10-9 point system. For an official warning (yellow card) 1 point will be subtracted.
  4: Not allowed
  - Wearing braces
  - Wearing tape
  - Wearing ankle socks
  4: Scores

- Afford to finish the fight
- Damage
- Standing combination and Ground control
- Agression  (controlled)

End of competition:
- Giving up through tapping or verbal indication.
- Intervention by Referee or Doctor
- 3rd official warning (= minus 3 points)
- Tossing  towel by the coach.

4: Age

Minumum age 16 years

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